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16 July 2010 @ 09:11 am

Hi there!


Just wanted to let you know about the Festival of British Archaeology that's happening over the next couple of weeks. Info can be found here and hopefully there's something that'll interest you.



Time Period: The Elizabethan Era, circa 1590-1612
Subject: The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare
Title: Trip Away
Music Genre: Varies. Instrumental, Rock, Indie, Folk, Alt. Rock
Warnings: None, really. Had to be split into two entries/zips for the sake of size.
Notes: Generally one song for each play, though a couple songs may cover more than one. Split into two entries for the sake of size, else it would have been quite image-heavy.

The Tragedies & Histories

The Comedies & Romances
11 May 2009 @ 04:42 pm

Time Period:
Music Genre:
Maker's Notes:

1) Follow this post template.
2) Tag your posts appropriately.
3) Mixes must have a historical theme (drama/books are okay as long as they're set in the time periods allowed).
4) No mixes with themes from 1950 onwards.
5) No bashing. Being rude to another member in any way will not be tolerated. We're here to have fun!

Posting Rules:
1) Head each post with Era - Subject - Title example: Ancient Egypt - Cleopatra - All Eyes on Me
2) Post along with the mix some art/cover which must be previewed at sizes 300x300.
3) If the mix consists of 8 songs or less lable it as an EP.
4) Don't post offical soundtracks - this is a fanmix community afterall!
5) Even though were are allowing dramas/books on historical themes this isn't a fandom mix site. Mixes should reflect the era/person(s) more than the fandom.
6) If there isn't a tag for your mix please make a note on your post and a mod will make one for you.
7) Feel free to contact the mods at anytime

If you need any help, talk one of the mods (either j_p_fan or themirrorofsin).